What’s New In Mu Online Season 14

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As much as the previous seasons of Mu online provides adventure and entertainment for its players, this new season has with it a new character coupled with various features and settings that you would surely enjoy unraveling.

Indeed, there are a lot of things that you would learn and know more of this season. Among them, you would get to know Rune Wizard who is basically the main character of Season 14.  Right from the first episode alone, you would discover great plot just waiting to evolve to an interesting game adventure.

Know the star of the season:
Since Rune Wizard is the very crux of this season, it would help best to know more of this great character. A half-elf born in Iria, he sets out for Noria to take his revenge for the death of his mother and father during a Lemurian war. He starts out his adventure in Noria as he begins by hunting off monsters while conquering quests.

The evolution for Rune Wizard starts off quickly as after his second question, he will then be named the Rune Spell Master. After which on his third quest, he will then become to be the Grand Rune Master.

Here in mu online season 14, the nature of his character basically uses magic to fight off his enemies. While fighting enemies and conquering quests, his skill will further improve and will then vary from dark Wizard to Magic Gladiator. From such categories, you would be able to avail of various skill such as the twister, evil spirit, cometfall, energyball, flame, inferno and the like. Depending on the quests that you will be finishing, the character will improve in terms of its experience and manna. Indeed, one may be able to use so many different kinds of magic and other special abilities with this character.